SF2000 IPS Handheld

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SF2000 handheld game console has multiple core functions, built in more than 6000 selected classic games, IPS high-definition smooth screen with high-precision joystick, support for downloading and collecting games, support for 7 kinds of emulators, covering a wide range of games.

Main Features

1. 3 Inch High-definition IPS Screen

1. High viewing angle, IPS hard screen panel viewing angle can reach 178 degrees. From the front or side view of the picture is the same effect.
2. Fast response time, long time to enjoy high-speed motion picture, IPS hard screen can ensure clear, smooth and realistic effect, the stimulation of the eyes significantly reduced, the game and film high frame rate video to avoid dragging to a minimum.
3. Accurate color reproduction, IPS hard screen excellent color inversion and brightness conversion and other performance, you can see more details and beautiful scenes in the game.

2. Built in 16GB TF card

The game console built in a 16GB TF card.

3. 360° High Precision Rocker

This handheld gaming console has separate classic joysticks on the left and right side. It is made of unique high quality material that can casually control the rhythm with 0 dead zones, allows you to immerse yourself in the classic and exciting world of gaming and enjoy a great experience.

4. 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery

Built-in 1500mAh high-capacity lithium battery can be charged, fully charged to support 5-6 hours of game time. You don't need to worry about insufficient power when you go on business trip, travel or camping.

(Note: Please fully charge the battery before the first use.)

5. Support For Multiple Emulators

The 7 built-in emulators are:FC/SFC/MD/GB/GBC/GBA/MAME. And a part of trial games are built in. Players can follow the video tutorials provided by us and play the free ROMS in console by themselves.

6. Support AV Output

The handheld game console with 3-inch HD display allows you to connect the HD screen game console to your TV via the AV output for lively and exciting video games.

7. Support Two Players Mode

The game console is equipped an addtional gamepad, so that you can share games with your couple, families and friends, and you should adjust the gamepad to P2.

(Note: the addtional gamepad is optional, if you didn't buy it, we will don't send gamepad.)

8. Support For Saving Game Progress

Support game archive. When playing the game, press the SELECT+STAR button to save the /Quit/Restart game progress. When you continue playing next time, you can load and save the progress without restarting. This is a very useful feature .

9. Support For Downloading Games

You can download many types of games of your own choice, which greatly enhances the fun of the game.

10. Support Search Game Function

Game players can find the game they want to play, open their favorite big game operation becomes easier, anytime, anywhere to recall the dream of the game!