RGB10MAX3 Pro Pocket Handheld

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Model:RGB10MAX3 Pro
System:Support for multiple open source systems
CPU:Amlogic A311D
Built-in EMMC:16GB
Maximum supported extension:256GB
Screen:5.0 inch IPS OCA full fit
Resolution ratio:854*480
Voice:Built in 2 chamber speakers
Battery:4000 mAh li-polymer
Input power:5V-2A
Maximum power consumption:5W
Battery life:8 hours
Charging time:3 hours
Charging interface:USB-C
OTG interface:USB-C
Earphone jack:3.5MM
WIFI:No built-in WIFI(You can purchase a WIFI adapter to realize the WIFI function.)

1. Ultra compact appearance, nostalgic
2. Adopting high-performance six core CPU, FPS runs perfectly at 60Hz
3. Supports multiple open source systems, can be upgraded at will, and is compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulators